History Remembered

Oxmoor Farm's Past

Oxmoor Farm was the family home of six generations of Kentucky’s early pioneer families — the Christians and Bullitts. In 1991, the house, the 13 outbuildings, and 79 surrounding acres were put on a preservation easement with the Kentucky Heritage Council, which will perpetually protect the historical integrity of the house and grounds. We invite you to join us in protecting and preserving Oxmoor Farm.

The story begins with Revolutionary War hero William Christian and his wife Annie Henry, sister of Patrick Henry and continues to be a focal point in both Kentucky’s and our nation’s history.

The Christian and Bullitt families were influential in the formation of Kentucky.  Nestled 8 miles outside of downtown Louisville, their home, Oxmoor Farm, is a historical gem which gives us a glimpse into Kentucky’s past.

The family homes, the original log cabin built in 1785, and the original frontier colonial section built in 1791 in the federal style, as well as the addition in 1829 and the 2 additions in the early 1900s, are a literal testament to the Kentucky’s history from colonial times through the 20th century. The distinctive feature of the estate is the grand formal library with its 10,000 books. The beautiful gardens designed in 1911, the tree-lined avenue as you drive on to the property, as well as the historic outbuildings, add to Oxmoor’s beauty and its historical uniqueness.

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Present and Future

Oxmoor Farm Today

Our Vision
To Preserve, Protect, Educate and Enjoy . . .
Join the Oxmoor Farm Foundation to preserve, protect, and pass on one of Kentucky’s oldest historic farms, so that future generations can enjoy and have access to this piece of our state’s history.

In 2017 we created the Oxmoor Farm Foundation to preserve and protect the rich history and the 79 acre easement already set in place with the Kentucky Heritage Council. A strategic plan was completed in 2018 creating long-term goals and objectives for Oxmoor Farm. If you would like to help us preserve, protect and share 200 years of American history please contact us.

Oxmoor Farm Foundation Board members:

  • E. Gordon Maynard
  • James H. Couch
  • Nora L. Cameron
  • B. Porter Watkins
  • Scott Lurding


  • Kim Klein – Executive Director
  • Shirley M. Harmon – Curator
  • Larry W. Robinson – Groundskeeper
  • Sharon R. Corcione – Caretaker