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Preserve History

The mission of the Oxmoor Farm Foundation is to preserve, protect and promote in its entirety, the historic buildings and gardens, as well as all records and materials relating to the property. We are dedicated to creating educational programs and outreach opportunities that engage the public in the history and all that this historic property embodies.

The Oxmoor Farm Foundation envisions the historic property as an educational and cultural center known nationwide for its unique ability to explore Kentucky’s history from colonial times to present day in ways that engage and inspire.

Why Give?

Oxmoor Farm holds a unique place in Kentucky’s history, beginning with the arrival of Alexander Scott Bullitt when Kentucky was still part of Virginia. Held in the same family for 5 generations, this property holds a wealth of recorded Kentucky history from colonial times to present day and remains one of the only historic properties in this area with 13 original outbuildings, including an ice house built in 1826, a Hemp Barn built in 1840 and 4 slave dwellings built between 1830-1858.

In making your donation to Oxmoor Farm you are supporting an important historic site encompassing 230-years of American history. Your donation makes a difference and ensures that we can continue our work to preserve and protect this unique piece of American history, and share all the vast historical resources we have with students, educators, historians, and a broader constituency.

Historic Restoration Projects in Need of Support

Historic Restoration of 4 Slave Dwellings & Educational Exhibit About Oxmoor’s Enslaved Community

Plans are in place for the complete restoration of all four slave dwellings to their original footprint and to uncover original details. The cabins were turned into living quarters for farm workers until the 1990’s, so we plan to remove additions on the larger buildings, including kitchens and baths, inside plaster will be removed to uncover the original hearths and expose brick walls and wood rafters. Repairs will be done to rafters and masonry as needed. Depending on the building, floors will be wood or a hard-pack dirt. The roof will be historic wood shingles. All four buildings have incurred water damage, so new drainage will be put in place with perimeter gravel systems and water piped away from each building.

The estimated cost for this full restoration project is $417,000. This includes 4 slave dwellings, the replacement of the hemp barn roof, new interior and exterior signage.

Redesign of the Stable to a Pavilion
At one point, Oxmoor entertained building a pavilion for outdoor events (rain or shine). With a historic stable no longer in use on the property, we now envision keeping the historic charm and footprint while removing some stalls to create a u-shaped pavilion that would provide guests both a covered and uncovered space.
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Building of Public Restroom Facility
Oxmoor welcomes thousands of visitors, school groups and event guests annually. To do this, we have to rent Port-a-lets for groups over 40. We have a vacant house revisioned into handicap accessible restrooms with a seating area.
Preliminary Budget: $210,000


Educational Outreach in Need of Support:

Oxmoor Farms Satellite Classroom
Our satellite classroom allows partner schools to use Oxmoor Farm as an alternative classroom guided by the schools teaching staff. Students take a full property tour with Oxmoor’s curator as a history lesson, conduct an art class surrounded by nature, or have a science and math lesson using nature as a guide. We also visit our on-site partner at the Food Literacy Project.
Sponsorship of the Satellite Classroom for one year: $5,000